Monday, July 19, 2010

Latest 5 books...

Well here's the latest lot of books I have been reading. I'm still finishing "The Bolter" a biography of Idina Sackville, (scandalous Edwardian lady), and am enjoying it greatly. Jasper Jones is another really good read - part mystery, part coming of age and part social commentary - love the digs at the Johnnie Howard era.


  1. They sound interesting.....I wonder if Idina is related to the Sackville Wests? What an amazing name 'Idina'......

    I'm reading 'Focus' by Arthur Miller. I hadn't read any of his work since school. I do love his simple turn of phrase. Like when he describes the lovely sound a dogs paws make walking down the road on a quiet day, as the 'ticking of the dog's nails.'

    My daughter took me to an amazing book shop in London yesterday. They have lovely old 1st edition Oscars Wildes with signed inscriptions from the giver and huge type on the first page. Everything was really cheap, nothing new and a lovely basket sofa full of cushions to sit and read. She bought me a copy of The Go-Between by L.P. Hartly so I'm in for a bit of 20th century costume drama next!

  2. Yes Debbie, Idina was the cousin of the Sackville Wests, but they are only mentioned once or twice in the book. That bookstore in London sounds fabulous!