Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great Ocean Walk - Day Six

View from the loo at Devil's Kitchen

The old coach road

Wildflowers at Devil's Kitchen

First view of the Twelve Apostles

Wild and wet weather

Towards the Twelve Apostles

The beach below Gibson Steps

The Twelve Apostles

Day 6: Devils' Kitchen to Twelve Apostles

The biggest disappointment of this trip was not being able to walk along Wreck Beach due to a combination of high tides (low tide was 8.oopm!) and rough seas. Our shuttle driver dropped us off behind Devil's Kitchen and we started from there. Devils Kitchen was another lovely spot to camp (again campsite 8 was the best!) and had a loo with an unrivaled view.

A large part of the day was spent walking along the Old Coach Road, which was a little monotonous. The walk was much more dramatic after Princetown. The Princetown Tavern is not far off the track for those desparate for some real food for lunch.

Although the walk officially ends at near Glenample Homestead, we walked the extra kilometre or so along the road to the Twelve Apostles. On the way, we ventured down to the beach via Gibson's Steps - which ended up being one of the highlights of the walk. We were met by our shuttle driver and shuttled all the way back to Apollo Bay for some R&R.

All up this is a great walk. Initially I was a bit unsure how much I would enjoy the walk as it is not a true wilderness experience, with the walk intersecting and using roads for some sections. However, once I accepted that and used it to our advantage in the end, I settled in for a great experience.


  1. All these posts are a great record of what looks like an amazing holiday. That kind of scenery just takes your breath away.....good for the soul....when the seas a little rough it really blows all the cobwebs away....

  2. thanks debby - you really have a way with words!