Saturday, March 26, 2011

Go to GOMA

Last weekend we wandered down to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in Brisbane. At the moment there is a great exhibition - 21st Century, Art in the First Decade. We have been twice so far and still have only scratched the surface. There is loads of stuff to keep kids occupied...if you don't have kids, try to go during the week when it will be much quieter!

Here are some of things I liked...

Plastic bag installation

Can't resist colourful round things!

Who would have thought monotone lego could look so good!

Couldn't resist snapping this deckchair.


  1. This looks like an amazing exhibition Rel. I especially love the lego and the deckchair....I'll look this exhibition up online.

  2. Yes the lego and deckchair would be my faves out of this lot too! I love old photos of the Middle East.