Saturday, April 16, 2011

7 random facts released out into the universe

Deb from Cooking Up A Storm in a Teacup has very generously bestowed upon me a "Versatile Blogger Award"! The rules of the award are to share seven facts about myself and to pass the award on to someone else. I'm going to tag Ness and Handmade Romance, if they would like to play.

1. My Grade 8 History teacher, Miss Yanardasis, inspired me to adopt the peculiar habit of writing the letter "R" as a capital even when it really should be in lower case.

2. My "spiritual home" is Tasmania.

3. I own a spinning wheel and used to spin wool...but I am thinking of selling it as it is too darn hot up here for spinning.

4. I am very good at reading maps.

5. I love brightly patterned vintage tins or containers.

6. My favourite chocolate is too close to call, but would have to be between the "mud cake" and "caramel love" at Chocolate To Die For in Adelaide St, Brisbane.

7. The strangest book I own is "The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie".


  1. I love the idea of the capital 'R' thing Rel....I think I might start doing that or maybe anoTher leTTer....

    Oh and the 'The Secret LIfe of Syrian Lingerie' sounds intriguing...I'd love to find out more...

  2. A lovely collection of random facts ... now you have me wondering where my spiritual home is. :)