Saturday, July 9, 2011

Granite Belt Weekend

It's been so long since I last published anything! Will try not to be so slack again - have been fighting off migraines galore lately.

Last month we spent a gorgeous weekend in the Granite Belt and stayed at an old favourite - Severn-dipity at Ballendean - such generous breakfasts! We spent a day bushwalking at Girraween National Park, and generally lolled about in front of the wood fire heater. We also dropped in for a hot chocolate at Heavenly Chocolate, where I was most entranced with the sculptures in the garden and colourful chook collection.


  1. Oh hi there Rel,

    I wondered if you hadn't been very well...I was hoping that you were visting somewhere nice and it looks like you had an awesome weekend. Severn-dipity sounds wonderful...what a clever name...

    Sorry about the migraines. I should think that staring at a computer screen writing blog postings is the last thing you want to do when suffering from it's no surprise you've been away.

    My mum used to suffer from really bad ones and found that feverfew flowers helped. She would eat a few in a little sandwich to help ease her headaches. They are really bitter...but she swore that it worked for her. But I'm sure that you've already tried lots of remedies to ease them.

    Hope yours have now gone for good...

    ps Intriguing looking sculpture...makes me think of a ships masthead...

  2. Thanks Deb for your concern and kind words! I get very light and sound sensitive so yes, computers are no-go areas! I will have to keep a lookout for feverfew flowers. At the moment I am putting faith in my own profession and getting some physiotherapy on my neck. I have had a much better couple of weeks!