Saturday, July 14, 2012

Recipe Book Challenge

Deb over at Cooking up a Storm in a Teacup has asked us where we keep our cookbooks. Well as it books have overflowed from a kitchen cupboard to the pedal of a cast iron sewing machine just off the kitchen. Strange, but true, and easier to reach too!


  1. I used to keep mine in the kitchen on the bench, but since the b/f has moved in and we've bought a coffee machine, they had to move out! We've put them on a bookshelf opposite the kitchen so they're not too far out of reach! I love your solution here though - looks fabulous!

  2. I love it Rel..what a perfect book case. My mum had a similar Singer sewing machine...I think it had been her mums and she used it to make all our clothes when we were growing up. I loved the hum of the treadle and rhythmic motion it was almost mesmeric. Thanks for bringing back the memory and for sharing your wonderful storage solution...perfect!

  3. Thanks guys. I bought this old sewing machine from a secondhand store when I was a teenager, and then my poor parents had to store it at their place for many years before my dad restored it and turned it into a table for me...parents are great aren't they?!