Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great Ocean Walk - Day One

Blanket Bay campsite

Blanket Bay Ruins

Towards Shelly Beach

One of the little bays

Ahh, back to life in Brisbane after our Victorian Beach Holiday. Yes, we are possibly the only Queenslanders who have travelled all the way to Victoria for a beach holiday. Well the first part of our holiday was the Great Ocean Walk, so that was a good excuse. So for all those bushwalking nuts ( and because I wish I could have read something like this when planning the walk), here is a day by day account of our walk....

Day One: Marengo to Blanket Bay

First up, a confession. We cheated. We missed little bits of the walk. The first bit we missed was the section from Apollo Bay to Marengo, which is basically a walk along the road. We missed this bit because we knew we would do this section the following week when we stayed in Apollo Bay with my brother and his family. So after arriving in Apollo Bay on the late bus, we handed over our food drop bag to the Great Ocean Road shuttle driver, had a bite to eat, and then got a taxi to Motel Marengo.

The next day we started our walk. Straight away we cheated again! The shuttle driver told us the long inland section from Shelly beach to Blanket Bay was very wet and muddy from the recent rain so we elected to just walk from Marengo to Shelly Beach and then get picked up and driven to Blanket Bay. So no packs Day One! A very nice gentle lead in.

Once we got going, the walk was delightful, passing lots of little sandy and rocky bays. We heard a koala for the first time - a cross between a motorcycle revving and a wild pig. Blanket Bay was a lovely spot to camp (campsite 8 the nicest).

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