Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great Ocean Walk - Day Two

Scraggly coastal forest

Koala right by the track

Gorgeous Parker Inlet

Cape Otway Lighthouse

Koala watching at the campsite at Cape Otway (can you spot the koala?)

Day Two: Blanket Bay to Cape Otway

This was our first and, as it would transpire, only day that went exactly to plan.
Highlights included seeing koalas in the wild and also a yummy lunch at Cape Otway Lighthouse (you have to pay an entry fee to get to the cafe, although if you just want some chocolates and crisps you can buy them at the entrance kiosk without paying an admission). At our campsite (no.1 is the best) we had a couple of koalas in the trees above our tent - we were entranced, until they started peeing on our gear. Luckily they are so cute we forgave easily.

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